Here you can find answers on most important questions, like what are detailed steps to start, I want to use my own hosting - is it possible?, how about software customisation etc. If you have any other question, you can always contact us by clicking here.

List of Questions and Answers

1. Initial payment link ($500) is here. After your payment, we will assign a first available development team to your project, so they will prepare your project.

2. You create your compensation plan in Excel file, with some examples and descriptions, and send it to us (you can also use our compensation plans, in that case, skip to #5).

3. We review your plan and we ask for more info etc. (if needed). When we understand your requirements, we write project task so we (both) are sure that we agree about it. Then we start programming and it take 7-14 days (average). Please note: Software price is fixed if you use one way compensation plan and 1 bonus. Otherwise, we need to agree about the price (before we start).

4. After we finished programming of your compensation plan, we send you link to your software so you can test it. We also send you video films where you can see and learn of how to work with the software.

5. After you test it and when it works as expected, you pay additional amount and we give you permanent license. You can also pay using instalment payments - in that case, we need to define them before we start.

Once you paid software in full, You will also receive all passwords and links to shopping-cart source code, FTP accounts, email accounts, control panel links etc. You can start to use the software immediately.

Our software is WEB based software, using latest and secure technology. It is designed specially for new MLM businesses, containing all needed modules: responsive shopping-cart with replicating option and admin area, downline tracking, invoices management, option to include your own compensation plan, commission calculating etc.

It is reasonably priced with option for installment payment. It is professional software and attractive to your downlines, giving them tools to track they business.

Additional, we are ready to customise it based on your needs. Just contact us and we are ready!

Currently, the software itself is translated to Spanish, Italian and Portuguese(BR) language, but it can be translated to an unlimited number of languages​​. We have a separate software that is used for translation. It is very easy and simple. When you become our customer, you can have it for free. Shopping-cart and Admin panel are already translated into 20 languages.

Software can use any Currency and it is able to display prices using different currencies.

Software price means one time payment and there is no any additional payments and/or monthly fee's.

If you use our hosting, then you need to pay hosting fee (first year, hosting is free). It is priced $400/year and included are software upgrades, email support and hosting itself. If you use your own hosting and you don't need email support, then you must not pay anything to us, ever.

Hosting fee, support and upgrades are free for the first year.

Our software contains back-office MLM software (admin and members modules), mobile software and responsive shopping-cart with replicating option, using same database. That means, all invoices generated on shopping-cart or created using Invoice module on the MLM software are counted for commission calculation and are visible everywhere.

Only condition is that Invoice is confirmed.

With other words, software will take all confirmed invoices for chosen period and calculate commission based on your compensation plan.

There are much more other options but that's the basic logic - to have option to replicate shopping-cart for your members and to pay commission to those members who generate sales.

Yes. If you want to use Windows based software (installed on your PC) instead of WEB software, please Contact us.

Yes. By default, software will have your brand where needed, like Login screen, Contact us, Shopping-cart footer etc.

Additional, it is possible to customize other part of software, like programming of new modules, exports, new features or whole modules. Just contact us and tell us about your needs. We can help, for sure.

Yes. If you use your own hosting, we prepare everything for you: we upload scrips, databases, images and everything else for you, just like you use our hosting, and everything is done without any additional payments.

Only condition is that you use Windows hosting. Best option is Windows VPS hosting with Plesk so we can prepare everything very fast.

Yes. We allow 2-4 installment payments, where total price is a bit higher but we give you max. 4 months of time to pay whole amount.

No, we do not store any credit card details on our website or database. All payment data is securely captured and used by a third-party PCI-compliant payment gateway. On that way your payments are 100% safe.

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